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How does GPS tracking work?
Global Positioning System (GPS) is a global radio navigation system, which consists of 24 MEO satellites and stations on the earth. A GPS receiver built in the device calculates your location and altitude via the signal from satellite. Based on triangulation of signals of at least three of the satellites, it applies a "Pseudo ranging" technique to calculate the transmission time of the radio signal from the satellite in order to measure the distance of each satellite, and then pinpoint the current location. GPS Satellites emit two types of radio signals, "C/A" (Coarse/Acquisition) and "P" (Precision). The latter one is preserved for military use and requires decryption. Commercial GPS appliances uses "C/A" signal to pinpoint location and altitude.

Who needs GPS tracking device/solution?
No matter if you are a single user or if you own a business with one five or thousands of vehicles on the road, Pragatipadh GPS vehicle tracking device is useful to you. Children safety and monitoring of school buses are other useful applications.

What are other benefits other than locating vehicle position?
Apart from location, date and time, speed, standard reports like start stop, speed, and vehicle route etc. It also helps the Fleet owners to find the idling time of the vehicle. In short it acts as a productivity enhancement tool of the operator. Apart from the above there are intangible benefits due to customer satisfaction, securitization of vehicle, activity reporting, improved communications etc.

Is GPS signal available everywhere?
GPS signal is available everywhere under open sky though availability and quality of GPS signals may be affected by buildings, natural obstacles, weather conditions and satellite availability.

What is GSM, GPRS & GIS?
GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) is a popular mobile communication system provided by most of the cellular service providers in most countries internationally.

GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) is a new communication service introduced by the GSM operators which allows secure and confirmed transfer of content like digital photos and other data to other GPRS capable systems.

GIS (Geographical Information System) is a software which consists of specially developed comprehensive and detailed maps of the city/country with latitude & longitude information of each place, street, junction and address.

What are its benefits?
As far as vehicle tracking is concerned the use of tracking software really make a large difference in the business of fleet management in several ways. Better information about the movement of the vehicle helps in managing the vehicle in a productive way in terms of fuel uses and time management thereby reducing the entire cost incurred in fleet management. So better information access or better guidance of the driver increases the efficiency of the drivers and also better use of the vehicle.

Again a well-developed tracking unit with a good tracking software helps in providing time-by-time information to the customer including dispatch time, vehicle location and expected time for the product delivery. Also the tracking software is useful in tracing a loss or missing vehicle from any parts of the world with the help of Internet. Thus, this technology really makes a big difference in both personal and business purpose. So if you are a vehicle owner then use this technology for better control of your vehicle.

Will Pragati VTS drain the vehicle's battery?
The Pragati VTS draws very low current and should not cause any problems in a vehicle driven on a semi-regular basis with a normally functioning electrical system and a healthy battery. However the unit should be probably disconnected from the battery when the vehicle is going to stop for periods longer than a few days.

Why GSM fail to communicate?
Check whether the SIM card is protected with password. Check whether the SIM card is correctly placed in the SIM socket or not. Make sure that the SIM card supports GPRS function. If the vehicle is parker or moving in a place where the GSM signal is weak or not available.

Why there is no response from the unit after installation?
Check the polarity of power connection. Check the battery voltage. The battery voltage should be 8 V to 30V. Check the SIM Card activation

Why the GPS receiver needs long time for position fix?
It is possible because the GPS microwave is too feeble. The time requires to get a position fix can be effected by many factors, such as weather, distribution of clouds, roadside trees, elevated roads, near by high buildings and heat insulating papers containing metal elements. Besides, positioning of the vehicle will take shorter time than positioning in motion state. Some times the time for position fix can take up to 10 minutes.

What happens when the vehicle is out of GSM/GPRS of coverage?
Pragati VTS continues to receive and store the GPS position details in memory. As and when the vehicle enters into GSM/GPRS network coverage is re-established, all the position details stored will be transmitted to central server.

How can I track my vehicle from my mobile phone?
If you are registered user then you can track your vehicle from your mobile phone. For that you have to send SMS "Locate + Space + Vehicle Number" to predefined number. For example if your vehicle number registered in our site is 'AP02-3256' then send "Locate AP02-3256" to 8790741867. Remember that vehicle number should be same as registered in our site.

How do I view the demo?
Go to our demo page, click on Sign-Up! FREE, fill up the form by giving all your information mentioned there and click JOIN. Now you can LOGIN using your user-id and password then select company, corresponding vehicle and date to view the demo.

How many vehicles may I add to my account?
There is no limit to how many vehicles that can be tracked by the Pragatipadh Informatics fleet management system.

How do I add vehicles to my account?
After Login to your account, you can have Vehicles Option in Masters Menu.

How do I contact Customer Support?
Customer Support can be reached via email or +91 40-42012454.

Will PIPL-Tracker lower my insurance rate?
Depending on the insurance company, a discount may be available for Anti-Theft devices which the PIPL service can qualify as. Ask your insurance agent or carrier to see if they provide an anti-theft device discount.

Do I have to tell my employees that I have a fleet tracking device installed?
Employers who own their vehicles have a right to monitor their property. GPS Vehicle Tracking is very similar to cameras and other monitoring devices that are commonly used by employers.

How do I use the service?
When you purchase your GPS Tracking System from Pragatipadh Informatics, one of our representatives will walk you through how to use the system. At that time, we will answer any questions you have. Of course, if questions come up after that, we are always available to take your call and answer your questions.

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